Medical Laser and IPL Treatments

There is currently a review Australia wide of the use of IPL and Lasers for Cosmetic or Beauty Therapy. It is being conducted by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) and its aim is to have uniform standards to be adopted by all states and territories.

Currently anyone can buy a laser or IPL machine and set themselves up without training or insurance, putting the consumer at risk. Dangerous lasers being imported from China are being blamed for an increase in severe burns and scarring among tattoo removal clients. Some lasers have been seized in Qld that did not require permits to operate and others have been seized where the operator did not have a license.

Another major concern is that laser and IPL can potentially remove or mask the symptoms of an undiagnosed melanoma or non-melanoma skin cancer. In 2012, an anonymous survey of medical practitioners revealed 62 cases in a 12 month period where a skin cancer diagnosis was missed or delayed due to incorrect treatment with IPL or laser. Of these, 22 cases were melanomas!

The take home message here is ALWAYS have your IPL and laser treatments done by qualified registered health practitioners and be sure to have a skin check FIRST! As always, buyer beware!