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Advanced non-invasive cosmetic treatments to achieve subtle results

Advanced Cosmetic Treatments

In 2003, Dr Joanne Samer opened Graceful Healing, a cosmetic clinic in Perth, Western Australia to provide non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for men and women with a desire to enhance and rejuvenate their appearance.

Dr Samer provides a discreet practice, serving clients living in the northern suburbs of Perth. She also works at a nearby General Practice on a regular basis providing General Practice medical care to patients.

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About Dr. Joanne Samer

Dr Joanne Samer is a qualified Medical Practitioner who works part time in Anti-ageing and Cosmetic Medicine. Her passion is to provide quality service, using the best available products.

She has a reputation for excellent communication and outstanding customer care. Her personal attention to detail and high standards ensure all her patients receive the heartfelt care they expect. Her background in General Practice ensures your medical concerns are always considered and that you will be offered a wide variety of options to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Dr Samer - Graceful Healing