Anti-wrinkle Injections – By region or by unit?

I am regularly asked how much do I charge fox the “B” product – you know that product that stops your muscles from making a frown, or from your forehead creasing up, or stopping those niggly little lines at the sides of the eyes when you smile?

People are constantly bombarded with offers of cheap deals that promise to treat two areas or that will fix all your wrinkles in no time at all and last for months afterwards. You can be charged by the area or region or by the dose, or unit. The real challenge is to work out exactly what is being offered. Is the deal for real and will you get what you paid for? Not an easy task I must admit.

So here are a few tips to help you figure out this crazy nightmare of cosmetic injectables.

Some clinics charge by the region and you may need a small amount or a large amount to get that area treated. When you pay per region you are usually paying for a set amount of product and if you need exactly that dose, then great- but if you need more or less, you will still pay the full amount and either have some product not used or potentially be undertreated, but hey – you paid for one region and you get up to that amount that the clinic thinks is a standard dose for that region – even if you actually need more. Making sense so far?

Ok, so now another clinic offers the option to pay per unit and you now notice that some clinics charge only a couple of dollars per unit whilst others seem to be charging substanitally more. So now what? Well here the issue is which product is being used to do the treatment…as different products have different units. It’s a bit like inches and centimetres or apples and oranges. The different products are not the same and hence the untis differ. Some people need a small dose and others a larger dose, so when you pay by the unit, you only pay for what you are having injected – not more and no less. Bit like paying for those lollies that are loose in the box at the local deli – buy 5 and pay for 5. Buy 20 and pay for 20 – easy!

Sadly, I am legally prevented from listing the different products and their pros and cons but you are always welcome to call me to find out more. Meanwhile suffice to say that in most cases you get what you pay for. Cheap product will more often than not translate to a less than ideal result in the mind of the consumer.

The final aspect to pricing is this…who is doing the injecting? Is it someone who has years of medical experience and learned about cosmetic procedures last week, or is it someone who has worked part time in the area for a couple of years, or is it someone who has been injecting for years, has a good track record and excellent reputation and who has lots of training and experience under their proverbial belt?

So, bottom line – price IS important but so is your face!! You WILL get what you paid for and You will have to live with the results, so take your time, ask lots of questions, know who is doing the injecting and be prepared to pay for what you get.

Good Luck!