What Dermal Fillers can do for you

I often get asked the question “what are dermal fillers?”. Most people know about wrinkle relaxers as they are in the media all the time. I cannot name the brands but the most popular one has an ‘x’ at the end, so I’m sure you can figure it out!

Unlike these well known products, dermal fillers are a bit more of a mystery. As the name suggests, they fill out areas to create an increased volume in the tissue. If the cheeks sag a little or the lips are losing volume, or the chin and jowls are looking a bit sad, then dermal fillers are the solution. They create an immediate effect and last from 6-18 months depending upon which product is used.

Different areas on the face require a different filler. This is beacuse of the thickness or heaviness of the differing products. There are also several brands of product on the Australian market and these vary in longevity as well. Buying products online over the internet is definitely not recommmended. You should always have a trained and qualified medical practitioner do the injecting for you!

For more information, please have a look at this additional information about Dermal Fillers and for some helpful before and after images, click here.